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My name: Katie Fey
Age: 19

Height: Always one or two inches taller than you, baby!Wink, wink!
Weight: C’mon, honey, take another look at me… really need to ask?

Hair color: Jet black, and silky, and smooth, and it smells like honey…
Eye color: A dark, misty, olive hue…
My sign: Scorpio… very sexy, very deadly, but you’re safe!Lol!
Favorite color: Black

About fashion: I love high heels, or black boots… or just being barefoot, which I know you guys love!I like sophisticated and sexy outfits, with nice jewelry, specially collars, because they tickle my breasts and that feels so nice!And my belly bottom piercing, oh, I love it soooo much!

Famous relatives: My sis, Kristina Fey and our cousin, Felicity Fey(I envy the boobs on that girl, lol!)

Where do I live: Europe!I travel all over it and I love it!

What I like to do: I love dancing, surfing the net, traveling and reading.

How I am: I am really outgoing and love to have fun all the time!I am a positive person all the way around!But at heart, I am just a normal teen girl, who LOVES life and skinny dipping… oops, where did that come from?

Гламур от Katie Fey (157 Foto)
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